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September 2021

A Year to Remember A business year for us is July to June and that just ended has been memorable in many ways. It has, of course, been dominated by the restrictions and effects of the Covid pandemic and no one would have thought at the start of the year that it would be “business […]

June 2021

News from LIPU-UK As we approach the end of another business year I can report that despite all the problems facing us all it has been an outstanding success in many ways. We have a small but clear net gain in members and your generous response to our annual appeal has exceeded that of any […]

March 2021

Success despite all the problems Given all the turmoil and uncertainty we have faced, I think we can look back on 2020 as being yet another successful year. Almost all the projects we supported in Italy were completed, albeit some in a scaled down form, and only one was rendered impossible by restrictions related to […]

December 2020

by LIPU President, Aldo Verner. Members, Nature, Hope? The Members’ Assembly 2020, held by videoconference on 10 October, showed LIPU’s strength even in extremely difficult times like that of the pandemic. The images that brought proceedings to a close were wonderful: migratory birds and a hope for the future. I never thought I would lead […]

September 2020

I am always touched when I receive letters of support from members and other supporters and, recently, I received an unexpected email from Danilo Selvaggi, our Director General in Parma. It reads: Dear David, I hope you are well despite the hardship of this period. I am writing to express my/our gratitude for your amazing […]

June 2020

THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED You don’t need me to tell you about the crisis facing us all; there has been nothing else in the news – and nothing else that has so seriously affected us all for as long as I can remember. Italy suffered grievously in the early stages of the spread of the […]

March 2020

Nature is not forgotten As I write this the world is in crisis as it struggles to cope with the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19. Italy has become the first European country to see an alarming increase in the number of infections and the Italian government has acted quickly and decisively, introducing measures to reduce […]

December 2019

From the President of LIPU, Aldo Verner Dear Members, I had the pleasure of being at Crava Morozzo – the first oasis in LIPU’s story – upon the celebration of its fortieth birthday, just as I attended the twentieth birthday celebrations at Santa Luce and Castel di Guido. Every member should experience at least one […]

September 2019

A Change of President, not LIPU Dear Members, This is my first editorial as president of LIPU and I am feeling emotional. I would never have thought, in 1982, the year when I became a member of our LIPU, that I would come to represent it as President. An honour and a responsibility, for such […]

June 2019

by Fulvio Mamone Capria, LIPU President Thank you Dearest Members, As you know, this is my last editorial, after eight years as your president. And there is no better way of greeting you than in remembering the extraordinary AGM held in Milan in May. There were many of us there to discuss nature and celebrate […]