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September 2021


A Year to Remember

A business year for us is July to June and that just ended has been memorable in many ways. It has, of course, been dominated by the restrictions and effects of the Covid pandemic and no one would have thought at the start of the year that it would be “business as usual” – and, no, it wasn’t.

In short, 2020-21 was one of the most successful years in our 33 year history. It’s not just about fund raising, although I’ll return to that, – for the first time for many years we finished the year with more members and supporters than at the start – a warm welcome to those who have joined us.

Our supported projects have been almost totally successful, only one had to be put off until next year because of restricted access to beaches in Sardinia – but those very restrictions will have had a welcome effect on breeding Kentish Plovers.

The protection of Bonelli’s Eagle nest sites continues to pay dividends with 16 nests monitored by LIPU volunteers (of about 50 in total co-ordinated by GTR) and 16 young birds fledged. These proven methods are being transferred in the coming year to protecting the nests of Lanner falcon in both Sicily and mainland Italy.

I return to the matter of finance, because without this subject nothing can be done. LIPU-UK had a total income of over £107,000 and, of this, over £40,000 came in support of our annual appeal. This is the most successful appeal in our history and in view of the modest size of our group it reflects enormous credit on you all – the supporters of bird protection in Italy. Danilo, our Director General and Claudio, the Conservation Director, join me in a heartfelt, Thank You.


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