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September 2023

It Was the Nightingale, and Not the Lark Danilo Selvaggi, LIPU Director General Birds have accompanied human life and society from the earliest times, enriching them in every way. Materially and spiritually, we owe a real debt to them, and repayment is well overdue. From the Restoration Law to the poll on the next euro […]

June 2023

A World against the Earth Danilo Selvaggi, LIPU Director General The most recent international studies confirm the extent of the crisis in biodiversity, and the threat to great numbers of species and habitats. But there is also a broadly based scientific and cultural movement working for a change in direction, aiming to change our relationship […]

March 2023

A Sense of Ecological Wonder A feeling as old as humanity itself, wonder is assuming new significance thanks to the culture of ecology and the necessity of acting in defence of the planet. LIPU is contributing to the great European project for the renewal of nature and for the protection of the miniature marvels that […]

December 2022

Home is where the heart is Danilo Selvaggi, LIPU Director General At the conclusion of a difficult yet rewarding project, our new national headquarters, Casa Lipu, has been born, thanks to a major donation from a generous member. It is an opportune moment to return to the history of the early ‘homes’ of our society […]

September 2022

We are Birds Danilo Selvaggi, Director General With the striking initiative titled ‘The Birdsong Project’, a variety of musicians and artists are celebrating our kinship with birds, and allied with conservation organisations and international bodies are calling for their protection, ‘It is time to raise the standing of environmental politics’, says LIPU, ‘and to put […]

June 2022

A Jewel of a Reserve A few years ago we helped fund the creation of a small but wonderful reserve near Milan and I wrote this in our blog at the time: A true oasis in a desert of water. That contradiction in terms describes an area we visited recently near the River Agogna south […]

March 2022

What is it about Spring? By chance, Danilo writes in this issue of the current season at the same time as I feel my optimism rising and it’s all to do with this time of the year. Poets have written of it, seemingly for ever, but every year, at this time, it performs its little […]

December 2021

Nothing Lasts Forever Your board of trustees is now having to decide the future long-term course for our charity, LIPU-UK. LIPU-UK was founded in 1989 by Roger Jordan of Chelmsford with the help of a strong local team of people including his wife Jill who is still an active member. The aims were simple – […]

September 2021

A Year to Remember A business year for us is July to June and that just ended has been memorable in many ways. It has, of course, been dominated by the restrictions and effects of the Covid pandemic and no one would have thought at the start of the year that it would be “business […]

June 2021

News from LIPU-UK As we approach the end of another business year I can report that despite all the problems facing us all it has been an outstanding success in many ways. We have a small but clear net gain in members and your generous response to our annual appeal has exceeded that of any […]