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September 2019

A Change of President, not LIPU Dear Members, This is my first editorial as president of LIPU and I am feeling emotional. I would never have thought, in 1982, the year when I became a member of our LIPU, that I would come to represent it as President. An honour and a responsibility, for such […]

June 2019

by Fulvio Mamone Capria, LIPU President Thank you Dearest Members, As you know, this is my last editorial, after eight years as your president. And there is no better way of greeting you than in remembering the extraordinary AGM held in Milan in May. There were many of us there to discuss nature and celebrate […]

March 2019

Nobody said it would be easy It’s not always easy to be an optimist. If we look at the state of Planet Earth it is seriously threatened by the one dominant species, a species which has trebled in my lifetime, and, as a member recently said to me, “What amazes me is that the majority […]

December 2018

A Time to be Better by LIPU President, Fulvio Mamone Capria Dear members, Torrential rain, violent gusts of wind, hydrological disorders, climate change – nature’s way of coping with our attacks on it, putting safety everywhere at risk now and for the foreseeable future. We must redress the balance. LIPU and the great BirdLife International […]

September 2018

Hunting in Italy The subject of Danilo Selvaggi’s opening article is that of hunting – an activity which has been at the very heart of LIPU’s work since its foundation over fifty years ago. I have to echo Danilo’s question here, “Why do some people get pleasure from killing animals?”. No longer is it a […]

June 2018

Nobody likes a boastful person but sometimes modesty can be overdone. As I write we are approaching the end of another business year and a review of progress made is fully justified. At home I can only admire and thank our members for what has been a truly amazing response to our annual appeal. Despite […]

March 2018

Welcome to this edition of Ali (Wings), perhaps the most appropriate title our friends in Parma could have chosen for their newsletter. It is sent by post to all members and friends, even those of you who receive the other editions on line, because this is the one edition in the year in which we […]

December 2017

by LIPU President, Fulvio Mamone Capria: There is Hope for Nature Dear fellow members, look into the eyes of the two young wolves caught by a trail camera in the Castel di Guido in Rome. Doing so may bring a number of matters to mind. Eighteen years have passed since, with the agreement of the […]

September 2017

This Autumn edition of the Ali is a little later than usual but the reason has much in common with one of the items in this issue. We have just returned from another holiday in one of our favourite places in Europe – the French Pyrenees, where the bird watching can be spectacular. Raptors are […]

June 2017

by LIPU President, Fulvio Mamone Capria Dear Members, In this edition of Ali, among many items of interest we present data from Birds in Europe 3, the latest study from BirdLife International on the conservation status of European birds. The presentation of the report, which came in advance of its European launch in the setting […]