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March 2022


What is it about Spring?

By chance, Danilo writes in this issue of the current season at the same time as I feel my optimism rising and it’s all to do with this time of the year.

Poets have written of it, seemingly for ever, but every year, at this time, it performs its little miracles. The leaves are coming out. The migrant birds are starting to arrive, the Blue Tits are nest building in our camera box and we are looking ahead with a smile again.

The doom and gloom of the last two years may, at last, be less overpowering and nature is there, as always, to bring cheer and hope into our lives. As the restrictions in our country are lifted, so it seems that Italy is on the point of doing the same and the work of LIPU will be able to resume its previous pattern.

Our friends in Italy are keen to take up the challenge for another year and we are equally determined to help in any way we can and that simple statement introduces our one and only appeal for this year. The projects we have agreed to support are described later in this edition and I am sure you’ll agree that all are valuable, please help us and let us see if we can match last year’s wonderful total of over £40,000.


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