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Many of the birds of Europe migrate in the Spring and Autumn in generally North/South movements; large numbers spend the winter in Africa and fly north to Europe for the breeding season. The Messina Strait used to a killing ground for thousands of birds but thanks to the tireless work of LIPU volunteer teams in the years since those dark days the carnage is now almost nil.

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LIPU manages nature reserves (Oasi) around the country. Italy can provide excellent bird watching and these reserves are well worth visiting.

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During the autumn migration period, from mid-September to December every year, in the Bresciana valleys above Lakes Garda and Iseo and as far as the Trentino boundary, millions of robins, as well as wrens, nightingales, blackcaps, dunnocks, goldcrests, firecrests and hawfinches are held for agonising hours in spring traps.

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