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December 2017

by LIPU President, Fulvio Mamone Capria: There is Hope for Nature Dear fellow members, look into the eyes of the two young wolves caught by a trail camera in the Castel di Guido in Rome. Doing so may bring a number of matters to mind. Eighteen years have passed since, with the agreement of the […]

September 2017

This Autumn edition of the Ali is a little later than usual but the reason has much in common with one of the items in this issue. We have just returned from another holiday in one of our favourite places in Europe – the French Pyrenees, where the bird watching can be spectacular. Raptors are […]

June 2017

by LIPU President, Fulvio Mamone Capria Dear Members, In this edition of Ali, among many items of interest we present data from Birds in Europe 3, the latest study from BirdLife International on the conservation status of European birds. The presentation of the report, which came in advance of its European launch in the setting […]

March 2017

Migration – mystery or miracle? I spent almost thirty years as a navigator in the RAF, a trade now made redundant by satellite navigation systems and computers. I would quietly congratulate myself on having arrived at the right place and having done so in a huge machine with the ability to stay airborne for, perhaps, […]

December 2016

With every passing month the world’s scientists produce more and more evidence that the planet is warming. The icecaps would certainly appear to be melting and the weather seems to be becoming more unstable. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that burning fossil fuels is releasing the carbon dioxide which was locked away millions […]

September 2016

Politics is not a subject for polite company, but I’m going to delve a little way into politics as it affects LIPU in Italy. My annual Council Tax bill tells me that I am paying for a County Council, a District Council and even a Parish Council and, yes, there are other costs as well. […]

June 2016

LIPU-UK in 2015-16.   Another business year closes for LIPU-UK and your trustees look back on it with gratitude, because without your continuing support we would have been unable to achieve what we have. We set out to raise funds to help LIPU with seven projects and when we add the normal membership contribution the total […]

March 2016

In the years since I became the UK delegate many things have impressed me about LIPU’s work in Italy. The determined opposition to poaching and the dedication shown in helping birds which have become the innocent victims of the poachers, are matched by the strength of the science employed by the conservation department. The short […]

December 2015

Another year comes to a close and offers a chance to reflect on twelve months of effort by our colleagues in Italy. Our support has followed a well trodden path, but it would be wrong to see that as an admission of failure. We in the British section have helped fund the anti-poaching camps and […]

September 2015

In this issue you will read of a success at each end of the spectrum of bird protection, a spectrum measured not in importance but in diversity of purpose. After many years of uphill struggle against entrenched views among pressure groups and politicians, the Italian Parliament has finally banned the catching of wild birds for […]