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June 2021


News from LIPU-UK

As we approach the end of another business year I can report that despite all the problems facing us all it has been an outstanding success in many ways.

We have a small but clear net gain in members and your generous response to our annual appeal has exceeded that of any previous year.

It is easy to see nothing but problems for nature, and not just in Italy, but we can see progress in many areas. Loredana in Cagliari, Sicily, wrote to say that “there are Bonelli’s Eagles everywhere!” and even allowing for a little enthusiastic licence it is clear that our efforts to protect these eagles are succeeding. This work will continue and the proven methods will be applied to saving the Lanner falcon in Sicily and on the Italian mainland.

We can look forward with more hope than for many years but the work continues…
Thank you all for your support through the last year.


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