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Red-footed Falcons in the Parma area

It is ten years since LIPU-UK supported a project to install nest boxes for Lesser Kestrels in Matera, Puglia. It was a clear success with occupancy exceeding 80% after the...

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Protection for breeding Montagu’s Harriers

A slim, grey, long-winged raptor floats low over a field margin in search of prey. A black stripe across the inner wing tells this male from its cousin, the hen...

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Goldfinches seized in Palermo Italy

A young man from Palermo was caught by the Forestry Carabinieri of the Centro Anti  Natura  Crimes of Palermo, Nucleo CITES, for possesion of protected wildlife iInside his home. The...

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The Hard-to-Swallow Hazelnut

Concerns are growing over the intensive farming of this nut, which is causing land degradation and pollution and putting biodiversity at risk. Federica Luoni, Nature Conservation Area, LIPU Translated from...

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A very large operation code-named ‘Peregrinus’ was implemented in the last few days in many locations across the whole of Italy. The Prosecutor office of Enna (Sicily) led the investigations...

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WELL-KNOWN PALERMO POACHER ARRESTED WHILE TRAPPPING GOLDFINCHES ALONG THE RIVER IMERA A well-known Palermo bird-catcher was stopped in the town of Buonfornello (PA) on the bed of the River Imera...

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The capture of wild birds to be used as decoys

News from the European commission, but a bit of background first: Good news in an on ongoing legal saga. 1. The European Commission ruled that the capture of wild birds...

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Annual Trustees’ Report and Accounts, 2018-19

Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts.   LIPU-UK is a registered charity, No 1081826, whose business year ends on 30 June each year. For the year ended 30 June 2019 the...

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Project Support for 2020

The trustees of LIPU-UK have examined candidates proposed by Claudio Celada (LIPU Conservation Director), and decided with enthusiasm to raise the funds needed for the following projects in 2020. 1....

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Collared Pratincoles in Sicily

The Piana di Gela is one of the most important agricultural areas of Sicily. Named after the city of Gela (an ancient Greek settlement), it was famed for its wheat...

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