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LIPU Elections 2023

Elections to the LIPU Council are held every four years and, as we are full members of LIPU, we are entitled to cast our vote in these. This year we are trying to simplify the process and reduce printing and postage costs without affecting your right to vote. To that end, would you please tell me (by post, email or telephone) if you wish to receive voting papers and I will ensure that these are sent only to those who want them. The papers will be explained in English and a pen picture of the candidates is below. Votes must be returned to LIPU-UK by 15 May.



Costante Cavallaro

Since 1972 I have been a member of the LIPU group in Gallarate, Varese province, of which I have been the delegate for over 20 years. I have served on the national board for three terms and am currently a member of the G.O.V. My lengthy history of activism has allowed me to get to know LIPU’s history in all its facets. In addition to my institutional duties, I devote a great deal of time to raising awareness on the proper modalities for rescuing injured birds. My calm and reflective personality allows me to get along with everyone.


Riccardo Ferrari

I was born in 1965 in Turin, where I currently live. I have a degree in natural science and work in the geographic information system field. I have been a LIPU member since 1984, the LIPU delegate for Turin since 1992, have served on the national board since 2011, and I chair the Volunteer Organizing Group in order to support the valuable activities of volunteers on the ground. LIPU plays a central role in my life. I am running for another term to continue a journey that so far has been beautiful, enriching, challenging, and very satisfying.


Cecilia Giorgetti

I joined LIPU almost by chance after rescuing an injured swift in 1994, and since that day I have always been a member, dedicating part of every weekend to the association. In addition to volunteering at the CRUMA Seabird Rescue Centre in Livorno, 22 years ago I became the LIPU delegate for Livorno, and since 2003 I have been an anti-poaching guard. I would like to continue to serve on the LIPU board in order to continue to contribute to our wonderful association, a team I firmly believe in.


Michele Mendi

LIPU delegate for Parma, “eagle photographer”, and an official with the Civil Protection Department of Emilia Romagna. I am running again, with even more determination than the first time, to strengthen our Association’s commitment in the fight against poaching. In addition, I will try to make my contribution towards continuing to improve and support our nature reserves and our invaluable wildlife hospitals.


Lorenzo Nottari

I am a social educator specialized in outdoor education, environmental educator, and environmental culture. My main interests lie in urban biodiversity, habitat preservation, and citizen science. I believe that urban green spaces should be considered outdoor classrooms and places where gatherings, events, and activities can take place to raise new awareness about nature. Since 2017 I have served on LIPU’s national board and since 2020 I am LIPU’s delegate in Rome.


Alessandro Polinori

I love nature and LIPU and I have dedicated 40 of my 49 years to them. I am an incumbent vice-president, and was the founder for LIPU’s CHM Reserve in Ostia, which I also directed for many years. I have experience in protected area management, environmental education, scientific communication and conservation campaigns. I am running so that LIPU can continue to grow, with an international vision, and involve ever more people in the great cause of conserving birds and biodiversity.


Aldo Marco Verner

I am the incumbent President, a veterinarian and a docent at an agricultural school. I have served for many years as a board member, delegate, coordinator for anti-poaching activities, and I am still an anti-poaching guard. I believe I can help LIPU grow in these difficult times and to continue to defend biodiversity through the law and the help of all of our members, with the same enthusiasm I have always had, and more experience.



Giorgio Giovanni Berardi

I was born in 1977 in San Giorgio Albanese (Cosenza), I am an agriculture and food specialist and an environmental guide. Since 2018 I have been the regional coordinator of LIPU Calabria and since 2014 I have been responsible for environmental education for the LIPU delegation in Rende. I am active everyday, with passion and commitment, in a variety of environmental protection activities, while also participating in monitoring, awareness-raising, and the active defence of the Natura 2000 Network.


Costantino D’Antonio

I have been an environmental activist since 1971 with the CMPNV directed by Professor Punzo, one of LIPU’s founders. In 1974 I began working on activities related to the Vivara nature reserve, whose provincial commission I chaired for two years. I have served as the LIPU delegate for the islands of Procida and Vivara and a member of the Permanent Management Committee for the Vivara Nature Reserve. I have a degree in natural science and have authored over 130 scientific publications.


Angelo Rossi

I am from Asti, am married with children (who are now independent), and have recently retired from a 43-year career as a civil servant. I have a degree in natural science and have been a LIPU member since 1983. I had served on LIPU’s national board in the early 2000s, and am running again in the conviction that “those who are absent are always wrong”, and that at 63 years old one can “get their hands dirty” without having to worry too much about finding an effective detergent.


Valentina Iesari

I am the LIPU delegate in Macerata, and a biologist registered in the professional order of biologists of Emilia Romagna and Marche. I have a master’s degree in biological science from the University of Camerino (MC), and have worked as a research assistant at the Max Plank Institute of Animal Behavior in Constance (Germany). I joined LIPU through the Life Choose Nature project in 2018.


Giovanni Soldato

A LIPU member since 1994, I am a naturalist who grew up in the LIPU section in Turin, where I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer, especially with beginning birdwatchers. My work focuses on the conservation of species and habitats. For many years I have served as the coordinator for Local Conservation Groups, and would like to contribute to LIPU’s work in an even broader and more stimulating context.


Luca Giordano

I was born in 1992, have been a nature lover since childhood, and have been a LIPU member since 2006. I have a degree in business management, marketing and strategy and I am a professional nature photographer. I believe that the environment and the economy are now two inseparable concepts. On the heels of a thrilling and educational work experience with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), I am running in the hope of helping LIPU meet the challenges of a constantly evolving world.


Laura Bonanno

I have a degree in philosophy and a specialization in history of science, and have worked as a high school teacher. I have been a LIPU member for almost 40 years and always active in volunteering. In 2018 I became LIPU’s provincial delegate in my hometown of Pistoia. A keen birdwatcher, I am particularly interested in biodiversity conservation, urban green spaces, and promoting an environmentally-conscious citizenry.


Chiara Tosi

I am an attorney and a journalist, and write about nature for the weekly Veronasette. I am LIPU’s regional coordinator for Veneto, and was elected by the Community of the Lessinia Natural Park after being nominated by the local environmental associations, which represent 11,000 members. I served as the Chairwoman of the Consultory Body for Animal Welfare of the Municipality of Verona. I have been at the forefront of many environmental battles, from the protection of wolves to the fight against poaching and the indiscriminate cutting of trees. I would like to make my skills available to LIPU, which I consider my family.


Simone Soldani

I was born in Rome in 1975 where I live and work as an optician and an optometrist. An animal lover since childhood, I have been a LIPU member since 2008, when I got to know the association through a bird identification course held at the CHM reserve in Ostia. I am a member of the Birdwatcher’s Circle for Conservation and the Montagu’s Harrier monitoring group in Viterbo, and am a volunteer at the LIPU delegation in Rome. I am running because the current historical juncture requires our utmost commitment.


Paolo Canepa

I am 61 years old, retired, and married with a son. Since 1995 I have been a LIPU member, and have worked as a volunteer for the LIPU delegation, of which I have been the delegate since 2008. In 1996 I was certified as an environmental outdoor guide in the province of La Spezia. Since 2021 I have been a LIPU anti-poaching guard.


Stefano Quevedo

An attorney and a lifelong nature lover, in 2004 I started working with the LIPU delegation in Ascoli Piceno. In 2006, under the tutelage of Marilù Urban I became the LIPU delegate in San Benedetto del Tronto and a member of the Management Committee for the Sentina Nature Reserve, where I still work on behalf of nature conservation and monitor the local birdlife. Since 2018 I have been LIPU’s regional coordinator for Marche. I would like to strengthen LIPU’s mission in the all-around protection of nature and in the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle.

Alfiero Pepponi

I have been a LIPU member since 1987, LIPU delegate in Perugia since 1989, and regional coordinator for Umbria since 1992. I served on LIPU’s national board for one term, founded the Colfiorito Ornithological Station, and was one of the founders of CRFS in Castiglione del Lago. I am an environmental educator and nature photographer. I am running to contribute my experience and help LIPU grow during a particularly delicate moment for the protection of nature and biodiversity.



Norio Andriollo

In was born in Milan in 1952 and have worked as a bank employee and tour guide. I retired in 2016. I have been a LIPU member since 1982 and a board member from 1999 to 2003. I have been quite active in the Milan delegation, and among other things, as an amateur photographer since 1993 I have been responsible for organizing natural history slide shows at various venues in the city. I am an incumbent member of the board of auditors.

Luigi Bertero

A LIPU member since 1982 and a former member of the board of directors, I have served two terms on the board of auditors. Most importantly, I deeply share the ideals, activities, and enthusiasm of our association. On the ground, I have for many years been active in the protection of the last remnants of floodplain woodlands, the creation of ecological corridors, and the re-naturalization of abandoned quarries.

Luca Fanelli

I am one of the founding members of LIPU, which was originally called Lenacdu (Lega nazionale contro la distruzione degli uccelli) and for many years was headquartered in Florence, the city where I live and work as an attorney. I have served LIPU as vice-president, board member, regional president for Tuscany, and have headed both the anti-poaching service and the legal sector. I am an incumbent member of the board of auditors



Tomaso Giraudo

Savigliano (CN), 1939. I live in Savigliano where I work as an attorney. A LIPU member since 1971, I have served on the board of directors for multiple terms and was Vice-President from 1999 to 2003. I am the founder of the Crava Morozzo nature reserve and co-founder of the Stork Centre at Racconiggi. I have written extensively in newspapers and magazines to promote environmental education. My love for nature has led me to travel widely and to create my own, 32,000 square meter bird sanctuary.

List of candidates for the Supervisory Body


Giovanni Massera

Parma, 1961. I am a registered accountant and work in Parma. I have collaborated with LIPU for many years, and served as its Administrative Director from 1991 to 1994. I am an incumbent auditor, having served in that position for the last three terms.

Giorgio Picone

Eboli (SA), 1945. I am a registered accountant and work in Parma. I have worked with LIPU for 30 years, initially as a consultant, and since 1982 I have served uninterruptedly as an auditor.


Massimo Trasatti

Parma, 1958. I am a registered accountant and work in Parma. I have worked with LIPU for many years and since 1985 I have served uninterruptedly as an auditor. I was the President of the Professional Order of Registered Accountants in Parma since 2007; and was Budget Advisor for the Municipality of Parma from 2007 to 2009. Incumbent auditor.



Mariagrazia Scagliarini

I am a registered accountant and auditor and have worked in Parma since 2010. I provide fiscal and administrative consultancy services for medium-sized enterprises and with the statutory audit and reporting of public funding, including those from the EU.

I am running for the position of alternate member of the Supervisory Body
Alessandro Zanrè

A registered accountant and auditor, I am a consultant for the Court of Parma and among other things a statutory auditor for various corporations, including a cooperative, and a consultant for various medium-sized enterprises.

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