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March 2018


Welcome to this edition of Ali (Wings), perhaps the most appropriate title our friends in Parma could have chosen for their newsletter. It is sent by post to all members and friends, even those of you who receive the other editions on line, because this is the one edition in the year in which we turn to you and ask for help in our fund-raising task.

LIPU-UK continues to decline slowly in members, and we’ve tried almost everything to turn that trend around, but in the cold reality of raising money for conservation you, our members, never cease to amaze me. At the start of the year we announced an increase in our subscription rate, the first for fifteen years and this was done with some concern that it might prove too much. However, since then a very large proportion of renewals have offered sums greater than the new amount of £20 – some by a considerable amount.

The loyalty and dedication of you, our supporters, is beyond words of gratitude and I hesitate to ask for more; but we do this only once a year and in the past our appeals have met with extraordinary generosity. This is another milestone, the twentieth time that I’ve written asking for your support for LIPU’s work in Italy. The projects which we’ve committed to support are described in detail later, so please enjoy the Ali and support our Italian colleagues in their important work by giving what you can to this cause so close to all our hearts. Thank you.


  • Golden Eagle – Good News
  • Third Millennium Ark
  • Anti-poaching in Sardinia
  • Annual Appeal

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