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March 2020


Nature is not forgotten

As I write this the world is in crisis as it struggles to cope with the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19. Italy has become the first European country to see an alarming increase in the number of infections and the Italian government has acted quickly and decisively, introducing measures to reduce the spread of the disease.

LIPU has applauded the government and has willingly respected rules and guidelines issued by the authorities. Staff are working from home, reserves and visitor centres are closed, and various other measures will – combined – all help to prevent the outbreak running out of control.

What of nature then, and what of our commitment to fund a set of projects described later in this edition? All that can be said, at this stage, is that everything that can be done, in the circumstances, will be done and any work that is adversely affected will be carried out when the crisis is over.

In the midst of all this uncertainty we need to maintain our focus on the things that matter. The welfare of birds in Italy will still need our help after the virus has run its course, as it will. Let us put COVID-19 to one side and concentrate on what we can do to help our friends in Italy; they are depending on us. Please support our annual appeal with your usual generosity – Thank you.



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