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September 2020


I am always touched when I receive letters of support from members and other supporters and, recently, I received an unexpected email from Danilo Selvaggi, our Director General in Parma. It reads:

Dear David,
I hope you are well despite the hardship of this period.
I am writing to express my/our gratitude for your amazing continued support. Please, extend it to the other Lipu UK trustees.
Without Lipu UK, an essential component of our activities simply wouldn’t be possible.
Once again, a big thank you. Grazie. Grazie di cuore!
I hope we will meet in Italy in the next spring.
Un abbraccio,

Danilo Selvaggi
Direttore generale Lipu – BirdLife Italia
Sede nazionale: Via Udine 3/A, 43122 Parma
Tel +39 0521273043, Fax +39 0521273419
Ufficio di Roma: Via Savoia 37,00198 Roma
Mobile +39 3388717696
Skype: danilo.selvaggi


Entitled “Heartfelt thanks” I have printed it in full because it’s not about me and your board of trustees – it’s about you, our loyal supporters, without whom I would have nothing to do. So, I pass on Danilo’s thanks to you all and I hope you enjoy this edition of the Ali.


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