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September 2019


A Change of President, not LIPU

Dear Members,
This is my first editorial as president of LIPU and I am feeling emotional. I would never have thought, in 1982, the year when I became a member of our LIPU, that I would come to represent it as President. An honour and a responsibility, for such a difficult and prestigious role. We have eight exciting years behind us, thanks to president Fulvio Mamone Capria, general manager Danilo Selvaggi, outgoing councillors, staff members, delegates and volunteers from each delegation, our guards. If LIPU has achieved certain goals, if it has become a point of reference in Italian environmentalism, it is thanks to the work of everyone. A job that must continue and for which my commitment will be intense, being aware of the support and affection of all.

What are the challenges we face? The association has reached a remarkable organisational level, with many important internal reforms and the new Statute that ensures that LIPU conforms to the Third Sector Code. Above all, there is our mission, and there are environmental emergencies and volatile political scenarios. We have the advantage of noticing in the field, through the study of birds, how quickly man is changing the world. Common birds that have become rare, snow-covered environments now without snow, habitats that are lost, extreme climatic events. This is also why our work must rise further. Acting on ecological habitats and networks, protecting the most vulnerable hunted species, continuing work for nature-friendly agriculture, protecting urban greenery and working on the climate-biodiversity relationship. We are enforcing the Action Plan against poaching and obtaining the increase in sanctions, spreading ecological culture, stopping anti-environmental policies such as certain proposals for regional autonomy (making it possible to kill wolves and bears). So much to do, but not too much, if we do it together, with the competence and passion of LIPU.

In the next issue I will tell you something more about myself, but for now I tell you: the President changes, LIPU does not change. LIPU remains the same. A great association that loves nature.


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