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September 2018


Hunting in Italy

The subject of Danilo Selvaggi’s opening article is that of hunting – an activity which has been at the very heart of LIPU’s work since its foundation over fifty years ago. I have to echo Danilo’s question here, “Why do some people get pleasure from killing animals?”. No longer is it a question of avoiding starvation, certainly not in Europe, no – it is a “sport” or a “hobby” and is defended, by those who practise it, as a tradition handed down from the days when it was necessary to put a meal on the table.

However, Italy is not alone in this practice. Most, if not all, European nations have hunters and the greatest numbers seem to live around the Mediterranean Sea – an area which is critically important to the annual migration of many species of birds. So often the birds are merely targets and are left where they fall, but if skill in handling a shotgun is what the hunter seeks then why not take up the sport of clay-pigeon shooting?

LIPU will continue its opposition to illegal killing and we will always help in any way we can – and there are definite signs of improvement. Danilo points to a steady reduction in the number of hunters in Italy and the fact that their average age is rising all the time. The youth of Italy are showing less interest in going into the field with a shotgun – long may this trend continue.

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