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June 2013


Another good year – but where now?   

I write this at the end of our financial year, full details of which will appear in our Annual Report in due course, and I can confirm that we have had another very successful year thanks to the support of all our supporters.

However, there is a question mark over the future of this success, as we still have no definite way forward from the day when I can no longer carry out the role of delegate for the British section. We have appealed for anyone with an interest in, perhaps, taking over the role to come forward and discover what is involved but, so far, have had no response.

The last fifteen years have been enjoyable as well as challenging and, above all, satisfying but, at some point, the time must come to hand over the reins to another and that point must surely be in sight. LIPU-UK has been registered as a charity since 2001 and has been run on a voluntary basis and there seems to be no need to change this.

The charity is in good health and although recruitment is always a challenge I am now ready to hand over to someone with a little more energy and, probably, lots of fresh ideas of how to take LIPU-UK forward.

I am therefore asking any person who thinks they might have the time to take on this rewarding job / hobby / pastime (delete as applicable) to get in touch and I will be happy to provide a more detailed description of what is involved. There is no immediate rush, and I would expect to ease the new delegate into the routine gradually so please don’t worry about being thrown in the deep end.


  • Protection of herons
  • Raptor protection at Messina
  • Proposals to the Government
  • Cycling for the environment

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