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December 2016


With every passing month the world’s scientists produce more and more evidence that the planet is warming. The icecaps would certainly appear to be melting and the weather seems to be becoming more unstable.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that burning fossil fuels is releasing the carbon dioxide which was locked away millions of years ago when the atmosphere could not support life as we now know it. Making matters worse is the unending destruction of forests which are one of the most effective means of removing this greenhouse gas from the air and replacing it with oxygen.

Danilo Selvaggi is the author of our first piece in this edition and he looks at the changes that are affecting the Ptarmigan and making its survival ever more precarious. I have had very positive comments on previous articles written by Danilo, our Director General, and I am sure that this thoughtful essay with the title of “White” will be just as interesting.

To return to the subject of global warming there has been a recent claim that it is all a hoax, but that leaves us all with a simple choice – do  we believe the almost unanimous scientific body or Donald Trump? For me the answer is simple.


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