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December 2014


As the end of the year is nearing it is a good opportunity to review the work of the last twelve months and we can see some positive progress and read some good news.

Things have been moving quickly on the matter of trapping birds to use as decoys.  I received an email from Claudio Celada, LIPU’s Conservation Director, a few weeks ago in which he said, “ For the first time the Minister of Regional Affairs states very clearly that regions should not allow capture of birds to be used as decoys. Not the final victory yet but a good step ”.

We can read of further progress with pressure from the EU making it impossible for the Italian government to avoid implementing a total ban on the practice, we will greet that ban with satisfaction.

LIPU volunteers have been working in the area around Capoterra in Sardinia to stop the trapping of thrushes and many other wild animals and birds. I joined the camp a few years ago and saw how important, and difficult the work is. Claudio told me, “ our target area in Sardinia has been designated as a Natural Park. A very good step. We hope this will contribute to halting poaching in the area ”.

Two important steps in the struggle to protect birds from the illegal poaching and I can now report another step which will save birds from the hunters.


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