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December 2012


Changes at LIPU.

Since the last edition of Ali there have been changes at LIPU Headquarters. Elena d’Andrea has worked for LIPU for over 20 years, initially in the field of publicity and communications but for the last seven she has been the Director General. However, she now feels that it is time to move on and has accepted a post in Milan, her home city.

The LIPU Council has decided to appoint Danilo Selvaggi as Director General in the capacity of a caretaker until June 2013 while the recruitment process is taking place. I understand that Danilo is a candidate for the post and I feel that his proven background of work for LIPU will stand him in good stead. For many years Danilo has had the unenviable task of lobbying, advising and negotiating with officials and politicians at all levels and his work has been extraordinarily effective.

Danilo wrote to all delegates recently and I share a part of that address with you:

“Dear friends,

I am sending this first message as Director to all of you, to the President, Board and Council members, delegates, activists and staff colleagues first of all to thank LIPU for the task given to me and for the trust implied by that, and hoping that I shall be at least equal to the situation.

A serious and stimulating task awaits me even though it will be for a limited time. I am proud to take it on, because I have been in LIPU for nearly eighteen years and I am aware of the importance which our association holds in the national and international context.

We should value the mission of LIPU, its daily activities throughout Italy, the efforts of volunteers, the activities of the delegations, the work of the staff, relationships with members and donors, the struggles of recuperative centres and oases, the surveillance and legal work, political initiatives, the results of projects, collection of funding, participation in BirdLife International, general management. We should value the fact that from Linosa to Lincoln, UK, LIPU operates every day in a thousand different ways to save wild birds and talk to people, which is a good thing for everyone.

We should value the history and successes of LIPU in order to give a fuller significance to the present and an impetus towards the years which are to come.

Valuing also means changing, correcting errors, confronting problems, introducing innovations.  It means visualising doing different things to the ones we do today, or otherwise thinking of how to do and communicate the same things in a different way.

I will do my best. I will need, literally, moral support and help from everyone.  Ideas, suggestions, information, criticisms, doubts, availability.  Anything, with one plea: that there should be no lack of constructive spirit, the desire to contribute something, to represent a hope. Without these essential things, the more so in an ultra-problematic society like today’s, it is futile even to try.

LIPU celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015. Half a century of life. As we line up the things we have accomplished, if only we glance over them, the joy of belonging to this dynamic, open family increases. We are only two years away from this anniversary. How do we want to approach it?

Thank you for your attention and my greetings to you all.  Danilo.”

Danilo, we wish you well and we send our thanks to Elena for a job well done in the face of sometimes daunting difficulties.



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