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The capture of wild birds to be used as decoys

News from the European commission, but a bit of background first:

Good news in an on ongoing legal saga.

1. The European Commission ruled that the capture of wild birds to be used as decoys is illegal. Mistnets were the most common method of catching the birds. Ironically the use of decoys was not banned – just the catching of wild birds for this dubious purpose.

2. Lombardy region enacted a regional ordinance which went against the EU regulation.

3. The Minister of the Environment overruled the regional law with a national prohibition of the practice.

4. The hunters’ association wrote to the European Commission seeking a reversal of the EU legislation and it would appear to have scored a glorious own goal.

* * *

Now, the announcement by LIPU’s Director General, Danilo Selvaggi:

Great news has arrived from Brussels.
In reply to a letter signed by the Italian hunting associations, Arci Caccia, the European Commission has supported fully the annulment on the part of the Italian Government of the Lombardy resolution (which authorises new captures). It has basically closed the doors on the capture with nets of small birds for use as lures.
This unwise move by the hunters reinforces our by now powerful documentation on the subject. This is what we hoped for and believed when we knew the letter had been sent. However until the news reached us there was always a lingering doubt.
The capture of live decoys is becoming history, now in the past. It is a reason for great delight for LIPU, for all the associations who, over the years, have fought with us (and continue

to fight); for all our members and lovers of nature. A lovely present at the end of the year.
Next it will be the use of decoys, but we are getting closer.

* * * *

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