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Support for conservation in Italy

Every year the trustees of LIPU-UK agree with the Conservation Director in Italy a set of projects for which the British section will raise funds. To this end LIPU-UK makes one, and only one, appeal to its supporters and this is normally in March.

This year, 2017, we have agreed to raise funds to make the following possible:

1. Monitoring the spring migration of raptors and other birds through Sicily. This has been successful over a number of years and much valuable knowledge has been gained. It also dovetails into the next project by warning the teams near the Messina Strait of approaching flocks.

Honey Buzzard

Honey Buzzard on migration

2. The Messina Strait used to be a death trap for migrating birds, in particular Honey Buzzards were shot in their thousands. LIPU patrols have played a large part in almost stopping the killing and they continue to prevent the illegal poaching flaring up again.

3. Illegal trapping of birds still goes on in the hills north of Brescia and in Sardinia (see the Trapping pages) but the situation is improving thanks to LIPU patrols and police action. We continue to fund these patrols by the volunteers.

4. Bonelli’s Eagles are sought after by falconers willing to pay €5000 for a chick. LIPU protects nest sites in Sicily and we help pay for surveillance equipment and the volunteers’ expenses.

5. A Red-footed Falcon colony is thriving around Parma thanks to the provision of nest boxes. We are paying for more boxes so the breeding colony of this beautiful birds can expand further.

6. Research is being carried out into an apparent change in the dates of the spring migration of thrushes through Sardinia. It seems that by flying earlier they may find themselves in the hunting season. Sound data will be needed if they are to be protected and we will be helping this project succeed.

If we are to help our friends in Italy with this important work we need to raise over €60,000 which is quite a challenge. Please help us if you can by making a donation or joining our ranks and knowing that you are doing something to help the birds in and over Italy.

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