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The reserve is a reservoir in Sicily which is in the process of being “returned to nature”. There is a variety of habitats, ranging from deep water to wetland vegetation along the edges of the lake.


Little Grebe

The deep water in the middle of the lake is used, particularly in winter, by Cormorants and Great Crested Grebes, while the shallow areas attract many species of herons, ducks and waders during migration. Reedbeds and marsh vegetation around the edges provide nest sites for Little Grebe, Coot and Reed Warblers, as well as being suitable habitat for marsh turtles which are rare and localised in Sicily and are a symbol of the Reserve. Around the margins of the lake clumps of willows and tamarinds shelter many species of small birds.



A footpath runs round most of the lake to reach an observation hide. There are information panels to help the visitor.