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Bonelli’s Eagle saved and released back to the wild


In the Spring of 2016 a young Bonelli’s Eagle, recently fledged, was shot by a poacher near Licata in southern Sicily. The bird was critically injured and was taken to the CTS (Centro Turistica Studentesco) Recovery Centre in Agrigento. Despite skilled surgery the vets there had little hope that the bird would ever fly again.

Later that year it was transferred to the LIPU Recovery Centre at Ficuzza, near Palermo, where it has undergone a series of operations and after 17 months of hard work and tender care by Giovanni Giardina, the head of the centre, it was pronounced fit for release. It was ringed and fitted with a GPS device under a WWF Italy/Grefa  Life Project which aims to monitor this species of eagle along with Lanner Falcon and Egyptian Vulture.

The photos by Giuseppe Rannisi, LIPU Delegate to Catania show the wonderful outcome of some very dedicated work – well done to all.


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