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Anti-poaching camps in Calabria 2018

From Giovanni Albarella,

Anti-poaching – Calabria 2018

Once again, this year we shall have the Anti-poaching Camp on the Calabrian side of the Messina Strait, the fieldwork will run from 21 April to 12 May and will comprise three “shifts” – (a)  21 – 28 April,  (b)  28 April – 5 May) and (c)  5 may – 12 May.

The activity consists of supervising the migration sites and at the same time observing and counting the birds as they pass. In the event of any poaching, we will notify Carabinieri Forest Guards with whom I have already been in contact.

As for the logistics, we will stay in a house in Reggio Calabria, volunteers need not bring anything as bed linen, towels etc are already there.As for food, packed lunches will be taken in the field and dinner will be cooked at the base. Board and lodging will be at the expenses of LIPU. For the volunteers an insurance policy will also be taken out.

A rental car will be used for mobility.

Anyone wishing to have more information can contact me at:

Honey Buzzard

Honey Buzzard

To give an idea of what to expect, these are the sightings from last year:

Honey Buzzard6772
Marsh Harrier168
Black Kite108
Red Kite1
Booted Eagle67
Montagu's Harrier33
Pallid Harrier4
Montagu's/Pallid Harrier16
Harrier spp3
Short-toed Eagle1
Eurasian Buzzard6
Steppe Buzzard1
Long-legged Buzzard2
Egyptian Vulture2
Red-footed Falcon154
Lesser Spotted Eagle1
Common Kestrel17
Lesser Kestrel5
Common/Lesser Kestrel14
Accipiter spp218
Falcon spp16
White Stork18
Black Stork12




White Stork

White Stork

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