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A visit to La Fagiana Recovery Centre

On a recent visit to Italy we visited LIPU Head Office in Parma but, on our way there we were fortunate to call in at the CRFS La Fagiana and were shown the facilities by Stefania.

This recovery centre is not just for birds, even though that emphasis could be expected as it is run by LIPU, and in one of the treatment rooms we saw a number of tiny European Hedgehogs which will be cared for through the winter and released in the spring. Hedgehogs sometimes give birth to a late litter but unless the hoglets can achieve a body weight of at least 600 grams they are doomed because they need a fat reserve to live through their hibernation.

The success rate at the centre is very good and animals and birds are released into the local woodland as soon as they are fit and this goes on throughout the year. Volunteers help in most of the work and members of the public visit to learn about wildlife and the work carried out here. The picture below is of a Hobby (Falco subbuteo) which was to be released the following day.

The centre is just a few miles west of Milan not far from the River Ticino which forms the border between Piedmont and Lombardy and visitors are welcome at between 1000 and 1700 daily although “patients” are accepted at any time. We left with a clear impression of calm and efficiency in a beautiful woodland setting – thank you, Stefania.



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