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Crava Morozzo


Within an area of approximately 300 hectares there are several different types of habitat:two former industrial reservoirs, mixed broad-leaved woodland, cultivated land with hedgerows and a stretch of the River Pesio.


The combination of these different habitats has led to the establishment of a very rich and diverse range of plants: willows in wet areas, alders and poplars along the river and mature oaks in the woods. The willows attract Grey Herons and Night Herons, and in certain places on the river Little Grebe and Coot build their floating nests. The masses of tangled bushes along the river banks are favoured by Cetti’s Warblers and, in winter, by well camouflaged Woodcock. An azure arrow flashing by and white stained stones in the river reveal the presence of Kingfishers and Dippers, typical inhabitants of river habitats.


The Reserve is managed in agreement with the Alta Valle Pesio Natural Park and since 1987 has been designated as a “Special Nature Reserve”. Most of the fields and woods are in private ownership, and the artificial lakes still belong to ENEL (National Electricity Company).

Facilities and Visits

A farmhouse has been completely refurbished and is now the Visitor Centre for the Reserve. It has a projection room, education wing and information centre. The Reserve has been provided with footpaths and observation hides equipped with a range of information and educational panels. Visits are interesting at any time of year.