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Castel di Guido

The Castel di Guido Oasis is the first consequence of the Lipu Swallow project.

The 250 hectares of the Oasis are surrounded in turn by the 2500 hectares of the Castel di Guido Farm, an ideal environment for Swallows, House Martins and Swifts where the largest herd of Maremma cows in Lazio grazes, about 450 head.

Red Kite


The Castel di Guido Oasis was established in 1999 thanks to an agreement between the Municipality of Rome, the Castel di Guido Farm and Lipu.


The Oasis is located in a vast area of low rolling hills that is also affected by the climatic influences of the nearby coastal area. The landscape is a bit like that of the Roman countryside of the last century, with pastures, meadows, woods and hedges alternating with cultivated areas. In this situation of great environmental diversity, with a considerable development of the marginal strips, the animal species are particularly abundant. Wild boar, Foxes, Badgers, Hares and Beech Martens are among the mammals, Herman’s Tortoise is among the reptiles, while birds abound with dozens of nesting and migrating species.

Among the former are the colourful colonies of the Bee-eater, shrikes, the Stonechat, the Black Kite, the rare Red Kite, but also the Swallow and the House Martin which reach particularly high densities in this area and are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare in other parts of Italy where these birds were once much more common.

Services and facilities

Given its proximity to the capital and its “easy” environment, suitable for hikers of all ages, the Oasis is also particularly suitable for short “out-of-town trips” and allows you to appreciate “live” the possibility of combining agriculture with respect for nature. The Oasis has a Visitor Centre and two circular nature trails that cover the main areas of the Oasis. There are ample spaces for parking and stopovers, also with camper vans. However, permission must be obtained from the management for overnight parking.

Places to visit in the area

The Litorale Romano State Nature Reserve: Mediterranean maquis, pine forest and mixed woodland, wetland and dune vegetation, river environments together with vast expanses of meadow and cultivated land characterise the Reserve as well as an exceptional historical and archaeological heritage (the Ostia Antica excavations). The Mediterranean Habitat Centre – Ostia Lido, also managed by Lipu, is also located within the Reserve.


Location:    Castel di Guido (Rome). Located on the western outskirts of Rome, just outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare, along the Aurelia state road. The Oasis extends within the larger Castel di Guido Farm (about 2500 ha).

Open to the public:    To visit the Oasis it is necessary to contact the person in charge.

How to get there:     To get to the Oasis, take the SS no. 1 Aurelia, turning off at the Aurelia exit (direction Civitavecchia) of the Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma and after about 5 kilometres take the exit following the signs for Castel di Guido, as far as the entrance to the farm of the same name. From here continue for about 2 kilometres following the signs for the Oasis.

Surface area:    181 hectares



Phone:    328 5569123

Manager:    Alessia De Lorenzis