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March 2016

In the years since I became the UK delegate many things have impressed me about LIPU’s work in Italy. The determined opposition to poaching and the dedication shown in helping birds which have become the innocent victims of the poachers, are matched by the strength of the science employed by the conservation department. The short […]

December 2015

Another year comes to a close and offers a chance to reflect on twelve months of effort by our colleagues in Italy. Our support has followed a well trodden path, but it would be wrong to see that as an admission of failure. We in the British section have helped fund the anti-poaching camps and […]

September 2015

In this issue you will read of a success at each end of the spectrum of bird protection, a spectrum measured not in importance but in diversity of purpose. After many years of uphill struggle against entrenched views among pressure groups and politicians, the Italian Parliament has finally banned the catching of wild birds for […]

June 2015

I’ve just read in the papers a scathing condemnation of “charities” which harass, pressurise and even coerce people into giving money and then, having succeeded, increase the pressure to squeeze even more from their donors. I am disgusted. Perhaps I am naïve but, to me, charity is about doing good not being aggressive and greedy, […]

March 2015

This issue is different!   A few words of explanation will, I hope, make that statement clearer. The normal production of the Ali in English requires a choice of articles from the Italian newsletter, their translation and their editing into the format which I hope we all enjoy. It was different this time because LIPU is […]

December 2014

As the end of the year is nearing it is a good opportunity to review the work of the last twelve months and we can see some positive progress and read some good news. Things have been moving quickly on the matter of trapping birds to use as decoys.  I received an email from Claudio […]

September 2014

“Not me – I’m exempt”. It has often been said that the Treaty of Paris of 1951 was designed to take care of German industry and French farmers – and the latter have seen their interests protected since then by the Common Agricultural Policy, the CAP. Over the years since then, scientists and environmental NGOs, […]

June 2014

European vultures under threat. How does one write critically about the EU without being branded a rabid Eurosceptic? Yes, I am a sceptic but, I hope, not yet rabid. The very highly paid staff of the European Commission churn out directive after directive to justify their positions but, so often, fail to do this in […]

March 2014

Saints and Sinners. My cover picture and that to the left, illustrates the unremitting struggle against the poachers in Sardinia. The work is led these days by Gigliola Magliocco and we can see her in the cover picture flanked by volunteer students and a Forest Guard. The camp which is largely funded by LIPU-UK ran […]

December 2013

Real progress at last.   The Italian Hunting Law has long been seen as far from perfect, but it is a lot better than it would have been had it not been for the advice and pressure of LIPU and other NGOs in Italy. One of its obvious weaknesses has been the ease with which the […]