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LIPU Anti-poaching Success in Sardinia

  POACHING IN SARDINIA: 930 TRAPS FOR SMALL MIGRATORY BIRDS REMOVED BY LIPU VOLUNTEERS – IN ONE WEEK For the first time drones are used in the search for bird...

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A Recipe for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, I was looking for Italian recipes and found this: Thrushes with Myrtle The method of creating this Sardinian masterpiece which uses “Wild Birds – (starlings, thrushes, blackbirds,...

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Annual Trustees’ Report and Accounts

Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts.  LIPU-UK is a registered charity, No 1081826, whose business year ends on 30 June each year. For the year ended 30 June 2017 the Trustees’...

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Thanks, Patrizia

On August 31st Patrizia Rossi will be leaving LIPU’s Agriculture section. With the competing demands of school, family and LIPU, Patrizia came to the difficult and even sad decision to...

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Trapping of birds in Italy – how you can help

We’re in the 21st Century and still we see cruelty and trapping of birds in many countries around the Mediterranean, but in this post I’ll be looking at the trapping...

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Five Northern Bald Ibises shot during the autumn migration

The following is reprinted from the website of the Northern Bald Ibis reintroduction project: Please consider signing the petition against illegal hunting in Italy which has had a serious...

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Raptor monitoring season begins

As I said recently one of the projects supported by LIPU-UK this year is the 14th survey of raptors migrating from their southern wintering grounds. Here is the first progress...

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Ciao Danilo

Lipu mourns the death of Danilo Mainardi. With Lipu since the early eighties, Mainardi became President in 1996, then Honorary President later. “A giant of science and a beacon of...

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Support for conservation in Italy

Every year the trustees of LIPU-UK agree with the Conservation Director in Italy a set of projects for which the British section will raise funds. To this end LIPU-UK makes...

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The North and the South of it

Last year we were unable to join the celebrations in Rome of the 50th anniversary of LIPU’s founding, so this year we were determined to attend the Assemblea, or AGM,...

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